Podcasting As It Relates To Businesses

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Now let’s talk about Podcasting As It Relates to Businesses

  1. For businesses, once you have a podcast, it demonstrates to other businesses that you immediately have something to offer them – a stage and an audience. An opportunity as a guest for them to speak about themselves and demonstrate their service or product to a new group of people. And it also offers the ability for you to offer great value to your audience beyond your service and offerings.
  2. For businesses, once you’ve established “long-lasting trusted relationships over time,” the trust will go a long way when you make an offer for your service or product and even for one of the services or products you promote via a host-read ad if that’s what you decide to do.
  3. For businesses, podcasts offer the experience of speaking on a convention stage to a crowded auditorium of people, without the travel, hotel, flights, venue, catering, etc. Ask yourself the question, if you only had a few hundred listeners to your weekly podcast, when was the last time you found yourself in front of a couple of hundred people every single week?
  4. Podcasts will help you be a better communicator when talking about your business. It’s speaking in public without the public’s eyeballs on you. Much less stress, much better results.

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