What is the ROI from Podcasting?

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These days most businesses and thought-leaders know that starting a branded podcast is a powerful way to get their brand message out to a larger audience. The problem is they keep putting off starting a profitable podcast because they think it’s complicated and expensive.

Maybe starting a podcast is something you’ve considered but the cost and perceived complexity make you feel confused because there is so much conflicting information out there.

The truth is: you have a unique story to tell and delaying your branded podcast keeps your unique and valuable message from being heard, and you are losing out on an incredible Return On Influence.

When you start your own branded podcast it provides a more intimate experience and people are more engaged in what you have to say.

Podcasting is a great way to demonstrate your authority and teaches more people about your product or service on a platform that is easily accessible.

At Imagine Podcasting we understand that starting your own branded podcast seems complicated and expensive, which is why we’ve created several packages to fit your budget and time. 

We’ll provide everything you need to get started successfully.

We have produced hundreds of podcasts and we can help you do the same.

  • We’ll help you discover your unique podcast brand that is expressed visually and sonically.
  • You’ll work with our team to set up all the tech stuff so people can find your show anywhere they get their audio
  • You’ll have the experience of speaking on target to a crowded auditorium of people without the time and expense of travel, hotel, flights, meals, and the venue.

So ask yourself: “What if 2022 was the year I started my own branded podcast?”

Imagine the return on your influence…

How many more people will hear your valuable and unique story…?

Stop by ImaginePodcasting.com, look around then schedule a podcast exploratory call.

Because 2022 could be the year you reach the most people ever with your brand message!

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