the MACH 1 SONIC BOOM Podcast Startup Course

For our business associates we know who have expressed a desire to start podcasting, "founding members" will get the course for $997. You'll be guided and trained by 7 of our core team members found here.

Sign up now to EXPRESS YOUR DESIRE to get started NOW or in the near future, and we'll send you more information. This is NOT a commitment on your part except to find out more about the course as it rolls out. Opt-out at any time.
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About the course: our team of 7 will guide you to:

1 - develop your podcast brand foundational document
2 - tell your story
3 - create your written content
4 - create your stunning album artwork
5 - express your voice with voice coaching sessions
6 - create an audio design strategy
7 - choose the correct equipment and software best suited for your show format and you (tech stack)
8 - prepare your first episode A to Z
9 - setup and publish your podcast!
and offer weekly and/or weekday support calls via Zoom
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