the MACH 1 SONIC BOOM Podcast Startup Course

You said "It seems complicated and expensive!" We say "Problem Solved!!!"

For our business associates we know who have expressed a desire to start podcasting, "founding members" will get the course for $997. You'll be guided and trained by 7 of our core team members found here.
About the course: our team of 7 will guide you to:
1 - develop your podcast brand foundational document
2 - tell your story
3 - create your written content
4 - create your stunning album artwork
5 - express your voice with voice coaching sessions
6 - create an audio design strategy
7 - choose the correct equipment and software best suited for your show format and you (tech stack)
8 - prepare your first episode A to Z
9 - setup and publish your podcast!
10 - offer weekly and/or weekday support calls via Zoom
Sign up now to EXPRESS YOUR DESIRE to get started NOW or in the near future, and we'll send you more information. This is NOT a commitment on your part except to find out more about the course as it rolls out. Opt-out at any time.

more about the course

You'll be guided by our excellent core team of 7.

- the course is conveniently delivered via a private audio podcast feed.

- a workbook is supplied, the roadmap to your success, along with a pre-flight check-list.

- we provide supplemental video when it's necessary for graphic design, audio editing etc.

- we'll provide weekly live coaching calls for 1 full year to answer your questions and provide design strategy.

This is an audio course supplemented with video when it's required.
Using a
"private" podcast feed, you'll get this on your phone where it makes it really easy to consume the course from anywhere, anytime, and without distractions.