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With the launch of our two most recent shows below, our clients took full advantage of the creative team at Imagine Podcasting along with the resources found in our Mach 3 Podcast Startup Package. In both cases we solved their problem of "no time" and/or "it seems complicated" which resulted in the birth of their high-quality branded message podcast. Both shows are entertaining and offer great value, the "key" to a successful podcast.

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An essential podcast for those who want to be set free from the prison of their mindset, who want REAL CHANGE by finding their truth and living it; conquering the root causes holding them back.

The Millionaire Felon Podcast is a podcast dedicated to helping guide those in need of a new direction. Join Frankie for tangible, candid conversations that will shine a light on a wide variety of topics ranging from prison reform to personal transformation and so much more - building a bridge of redemption by setting the stage for an amazing life created by you and on your terms.

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