Podcast Startup Packages

The best podcasts require planning, human appeal and audio expertise to stand out. We can help.

We’ll help you craft a sensory experience your listeners will love. We offer premium podcast producing and editing services, launch packages, strategy consulting and coaching services. We also design branded visual assets to help sell your show, because custom cover artwork goes a long way in compelling people to share your podcast on their favorite social media platforms.

Mach 3 (2301 mph)

is for the business that wants a brand podcast and take full advantage of everything the Imagine Podcasting Agency has to offer - and you have limited time to do the work. We do it all for you, with your collaboration.
The Imagine Podcasting Agency will:
1 - Assign a Dedicated Producer to the project.
2 - Execute Brand Discovery.
3 - Provide Episode Planning.
4 - Explore Audio/Video Equipment Options.
5 - Develop optional additional media assets: intro/outro music, audio insertions, etc.
6 - Design a Custom Plan of Execution.
7 - Assign a Podcast Design Strategist and Producer.
8 - Provide Graphic Brand Design for the mini-branded album artwork.
9 - Design and implement the custom Podcast Launchpad website.
10 - Design your Episode Production Workflow: covering show note templates, production, and publishing.
11 - Produce your 30-second Promo episode.
12 - Produce your first episode, a Teaser/Pilot episode.
13 - Review all aspects of the podcast “pre-launch.”
14 - Execute the “30-days to launch” strategy.
15 - Execute Podcast Submissions to Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon Music, and about 120+ other podcast networks.

Mach 2 (1534 mph)

This is for the business that wants to choose from the services we offer in the Mach 3 package and have the time and/or talent to complete various aspects of the project themselves.
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Mach 1 (767 mph)

is a self-starter course package for those that want to professionally set up their podcast and want a simple plan and guide to work from. And you'll be guided by our excellent core team of 7.
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Episode Production Options

These options are based on how much you and/or your team are willing and able to do yourself, e.g. audio editing, mixing, mastering, episode artwork, and episode notes yourself.
adobe audition mix
The Imagine Podcasting Agency can provide:
  • Professional Audio Editing - removing lip-smacks, filler words like "ums," etc. essentially making you and your guests sound great!
  • Professional Episode Notes created by our "business journalist" resulting in an entertaining, SEO friendly episode description.
  • Episode Transcripts for blog posts.
  • The Producer Mixes, Masters and Publishes to the Media Channels (podcast apps) including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, Amazon Music Podcasts, and anywhere people get their podcasts. You'll also have an option to have us add "chapter marks" allowing your listeners to skip ahead to chapters in the episode.
  • Social Media Amplified - designed to amplify your episodes on social media using podcast tactics like "video-grams" and motion graphics to gain more attention.

Other Services

The world of podcasting is growing FAST and there are many new opportunities we can help you with. Here are just a few "ideas."
The thing about audio podcasting, it's a very creative space to build a community of long-lasting trusted relationships.
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